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Customer needs and expectations are evolving faster than ever before. Behaviour changes dynamically, based on context and convenience. Everything we thought we knew about demographic segmentation and personae no longer applies.

Before the pandemic, digital interactions were already growing exponentially as customers developed the expectation to self-serve and discovered digital channels and applications as an alternative to voice in all matters of routine.

During the pandemic, commercial and public organisations turned to digital channels to ensure the resilience of their CX delivery, creating a surge in digital engagement of tsunami proportions. Consequently, an organisation must curate and improve its digital delivery continuously because assertive consumers are now highly capable of judging its quality.

Join us for this interactive session to discuss:

  • What tactics should you use to move interactions from voice to digital?
  • Which digital channel mix is optimal, and what is the best way to design it? (Are you capable of doing that on your own, or do you need to lean on your partners?)
  • What is the next process you plan to automate …and why?
  • What AI-powered use cases have the greatest positive effect on conversion rates, loyalty and satisfaction?
  • How have you implemented speech analytics to improve personalisation?

Join Odigo, Frost & Sullivan and a select group of your peers, as we explore trends in customer behaviour and attitudes, the future state of CX and how to architect resilience into customer journeys and maximise agility. During this virtual think tank, Frost & Sullivan's Alexander Michael, Global Practice Area Leader –Information & Communications Technology –will moderate an inspiring discussion about harnessing the best of digital. Come prepared to share your best practices and lessons learnt.



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A Frost & Sullivan Virtual Think Tank is an exclusive, unique and highly engaging conversation that brings together a diverse group of industry leaders to discuss their opinions on a certain topic. Content from this collective discussion will be featured in an upcoming Frost & Sullivan article where you have the options to be highlighted as a thought leader. Your insight as a strategic partner is invaluable.
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